Arpass is a company that has been making ribbons, cords, drawstrings and trimmings, established for over 35 years
It began on the market as a small artisan company and grew progressively over the years, consolidating itself on the market as a company that is fully respected, a respect gained through the skills acquired over time by the historical artisans who work there.
To date, it boasts 15 employees with the future projection of growth thanks also to the increasing number of commissions from a constantly growing customer base.
Our mantra in the company has always been to NEVER SAY NO! Our customers are not only very demanding from a quality point of view but also in relation to the execution of products in very limited times.
The biggest brands, as well as start-ups in the sector, need immediate feedback in order to enjoy their products in the shortest possible time.
One of the strengths of Arpass is its flexibility and its ability to manage this type of situation, managing the order optimally and retaining the customer on continuous future relationships.

The Company, since its establishment, has always marked a dynamic evolutionary path for its growth in the market. This, in the production of trimmings, has led over time to huge investments in the field of machinery for weaving products, which, over the years, have always become more productive and high-performance. To date, Arpass can boast highly respected machinery that also allows it to fulfil important orders, even for the most renowned brands on the market. At the same time, however, the company has maintained some historic machinery, which is very valuable and able to perform some functionalities on the product that can no longer be recreated on modern machinery.
The new frontier that Arpass aims to achieve quickly is an optimisation of production systems in a sustainable perspective. The company is going through a path that will lead Arpass to its certification as an ethical company, which will adopt a series of operations in the company that will lead to its development towards a Carbon Neutral management path.
The company has already adopted the installation of photovoltaic panels, which will lead it to be self-sufficient with the exploitation of solar energy, which is both clean and eco-sustainable.



Arpass stands out, compared to many competitors on the market, for the dynamism with which it addresses the critical issues of requests from various national and international brands. The timings of the samples that are dictated are really stringent, and certainly difficult to manage for other companies. Thanks to the optimisation of production processes, enabled by decades of experience and managed by true professionals in the sector, the company has always been able to produce samples of impeccable quality, ready to face the strict verification of the style office.
This production specificity is also satisfied thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery that allows an immediate production of the sample. To these, we continue to add other machinery, unique in its kind, that allows us to carry out truly special and niche processes on the market.